Building a Better Orléans Together!

I will fight for you at City Hall. Together, we will:

Build our Community


Widen Highway 174

One of the most common concerns I have heard from you is traffic congestion on the 174. The LRT coming to Orléans will help address this congestion, but with the rapid growth of our community, we need to widen highway 174  and make the left hand lane a HOV Lane

Build a southern corridor from Frank Kenny Road to Highway 417 and Hunt Club Road

We need more ways to get in and out of our community. I’m proposing we prioritize a southern corridor connecting Frank Kenny Road to Hunt Club Road. This will help ease traffic congestion and connect us to the South End of the city.

Implement Traffic Calming Measures in our Neighbourhoods

Speeding and unsafe driving is all too common in many areas of our community.  I will invest in traffic calming measures to address these problems and support more funding for traffic enforcement.


Build larger Park and Rides at Place d’Orléans and Trim Road

The Park and Rides at Place d’Orléans and Trim Road are far too small. With the LRT coming to Orleans, we will see a major increase in the use of our transit stations. We need to build larger Park and Rides to encourage more people to use transit and keep up with the growing demands of our community.

Ensure LRT Phase 2 remains a priority and starts building on time

With a new government at Queen’s Park and delays to Phase 1 of the LRT, I will be a strong advocate for ensuring the construction of Phase 2 begins on time and will hold contractors accountable for meeting their construction timelines.

Community Infrastructure

Make Petrie Island Accessible

I want to build an accessible boardwalk on Petrie Island so that everyone, regardless of mobility and ability, can enjoy the waterfront.

Foster a creative hub in the East End

I will work to bring original arts and music to Orléans and foster a creative hub in the East End. The Shenkman Centre is a great resource in Orléans and we need to continue fostering a strong creative community around it.

Build our Economy

Maintain low and predictable taxes

As a fiscally responsible City Councillor, I will vote to keep our property taxes low and predictable to help seniors, families and local businesses plan for the future.

Attract Jobs and Investment

Working with all levels of government, we will attract jobs and investments to Orléans by supporting small businesses and encouraging employment opportunities close to home.

I will work with our Member of Parliament to bring federal jobs to Orléans. The nature of work is changing, and I want to create collaborative spaces for our public servants allowing them to work closer to home.

Build Pop Up Shops on St. Joseph Blvd

As Orléans is home to many innovative entrepreneurs, I’m proposing that we create pop up shop spaces along St. Joseph Blvd, for new businesses to lease short term.

Build support for those who serve Canadians

Make mental health a priority

As a veteran, I know that if you don’t feel your best, you can’t be your best. I will advocate for more mental health services in our community, especially for our first responders, soldiers, veterans, and public servants to ensure that they have the resources they need close to home. This includes making mental health services available in the new Orléans Health Hub.

Supporting community based policing

Our police officers work hard to keep us safe and provide valuable services to our community. Working closely with the Ottawa Police, we need to develop a more community-based policing strategy. The focus of the strategy should be on collaborating with the local leaders and working to understand the root causes of criminal behaviour to better safeguard our community.

I am committed to advocating for you at City Hall, and with all levels of government!